Orphanage Home in Wa-Aahiyoo

Wa Municipality has an Islamic orphanage home located about 12km from the heart of Wa, the charity Organization is located at Aahiyoo, a farming community after Mangu.

Home Light Orphanage was established over 6 years ago with the support of community communal labor and some resources of Iqra foundation for Education and Development in Kumasi.

The Orphanage home is cofounded by Abu Turki Extension for Daru Noor Center in Saudi Arabia.

The Boarding Facility has 175 Children and the School focuses on Teaching English and Arabic.

Orphanage Home in Wa-Aahiyoo

Several volunteers have availed themselves to teach the students aging between 5 to 8 Years. These volunteers are from within Aahiyoo, Zingu, Mangu and other Surrounding Communities.

A Child Can be sent to the school for admission into the boarding school for accessible education and hospitality.

Requirements to accept a child

Staff of the Facility have to be sure the child presented is an orphan, Management of the Organization shall use appropriate means and institutions to make enquires to avoid admitting Children with parents.

A child can be adopted for five years, also the age range of children accepted is between 5 to eight years, not above, not below.

For Enquires on can call 0245824543 Sheikh Abdul Wahab.

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