Lawyer Nicholas Soyiri, MCE For Jirapa

The Jirapa Municipal Assembly headed by Lawyer Nicholas Soyiri has been directed by the Auditor General’s Department to make available an amount of GH¢41,882.92 to the Assembly ‘s Sub Structures without further delay.

This was captured in Report of the Auditor General on the Management and Utilisation of the District Assemblies Common Fund and other Statutory Funds for the year ended 31 December 2022, page 109.

Failure to allocate resources to sub-structures – GH¢41,882.92

Part I, Paragraph 3 of the 2019 Guidelines for the Utilisation of the DACF requires that up to 2% of the DACF receipts should be used for the establishment and strengthening of the zonal, urban, town and area councils.

We noted that management of Jirapa Municipal Assembly did not allocate up to the 2% requirement of its Common Fund amounting to GH¢41,882.92 for the activities of the Sub-District structures.

The non-compliance with the provisions of the above Guidelines by the Assembly could render the sub-structures ineffective in implementing their programs and activities.

We recommended to management of the Assembly to ensure compliance with the DACF Guidelines and transfer the amount to the sub-structures without further delay.


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