Mass Destruction of Shea Trees in Jirapa-Han

Responding to an earlier publication by titled “Shea Trees under attack in Han”, the chief of Nindorwaala, Naa Gbalaa Naah II has called for an all-hands-on deck approach to the fight against the felling of shea trees in Han, Nindorwaala and surrounding villages.

Naa Gbalaa Naah II expressed his frustration over the worrying development that has been ongoing within his jurisdiction for some years now.

He complained about the lack of support from land/farm owners and stakeholders in fighting this problem.

He believes the scale of the problem has gone beyond proportions and its time for the Municipal Assembly and other stakeholders within the Jirapa Municipality step in to help salvage the problem.

To him involving the Municipal Assembly, the police and other stakeholder could be the only sure bet to ending this problem since all the efforts he has made as a chief to deal with this issue did not materialize.

The Shea Tree has several economic uses. Fruits from the tree are eaten. Aside the shea fruits been eaten, the nuts from the fruits are also used to produced shea butter. Shea butter is mainly used in the preparation of food by many families in Northern Ghana.  Shea Butter is also a very good antidote to the wild harmattan that is experienced in Northern Ghana. People use shea butter as pomade to smear on their bodies. Other women use it to grow their hair. Residues gotten from the preparation of Shea butter is used in the construction of houses. It is mixed with the mud to make the building strong.

These and many more explain why the shea tree should be protected.

Meanwhile Assembly Member of Han passed on Few Months Ago.

Late Hon. Raymond Kandobong Passed on 13th October 2022.

He was from Nindowaala in the Jirapa Municipality.

Source: Pius Doozie

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