Mr Francis Bawaana Dakurah, the Member of Parliament (MP), for Jirapa Constituency says elevation of the Jirapa District into a Municipal status without the accompanying infrastructure and resources will mean nothing to the constituents.
He told the Ghana News Agency in an interview that it was a failure on government part if the requisite infrastructure was not put in place to transform the face of the new Municipality to make the people have a real feel of the elevation.
“With a municipality what does it mean for the people of Jirapa,” the MP quizzed: “If it is just an appreciation to us that we are now a municipality and nothing concrete is done and it ends there, then it is a failure.”
Mr Dakurah called on authorities of the area to demand that the needed resources were being channelled to the new municipality so it functioned as it status required.
He noted that the Jirapa was challenged with huge problems ranging from bad roads to the lack of potable drinking water.
“The Municipality status should be used to bring better reliefs in terms of services, such as construction of roads, challenges in environmental degradation, and difficulties in accessing potable water, sanitation and also connecting some communities to the National grid and among others,” he added.
He described Jirapa as a deprived constituency but with promising and well-endowed resources and tourist sites.

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