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Family of A lady who has had her semi Nude pictures exposed on social media is set to take legal actions against a Facebook user by name Kansoh Vitus for exposing their daughter to social stigma.

According to a brother if the lady[name withheld], the lady was a close friend to Vitus and as a result they Suspect Vitus took her phone and transferred the pictures in order by disgrace her.

“Okay so we called the guy who leaked it on Facebook, and he took it down, The girl is not herself cos poppy bore so we just want the thing off social media so we can confront her on what and how this happened.

She’s already traumatize about the incident Please Cos we are yet to take the guy who leaked the pics on”.

Meanwhile Vitus has taken the Pictures of Social Media after he he was invited by state Security on the issue.

The pictures were shared on a Facebook group by name Jirapa Area Students Association (JASA) on 10th of December 2022 with caption “who knows this girl”.

Several people reacted with some suggesting she is from Jirapa.

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