Chapuri Assembly Member, Hon. Joseph Viele (Far Right)

A group of Chiefs and elders of Jirapa-Hain in the Upper West region have come together to set up a commitee that will look into a possible introduction of a new Festival by name taama Festival.

The festival was proposed by a development practitioner by name Emmanuel Willingdoll, a gentleman who is working tirelessly to ensure that Society rips the necessary benefits from Shea Trees.

The Hain area Council is pre meditating on introduce the festival as a way of preserving Shea trees.

During Mr. Willingdoll’s speech at the council meeting at Hain, he said there was a need to protect Shea trees because they have several economic benefits, he noted that shea stands out globally with a market value of over 100 million dollars, far more than tgd annual budget of the Agric Ministry.

He also explained that Shea trees produce shea nuts and other important ingredients that yield returns for people in the community especially women and as a result, will create jobs for them.

An assembly member for Chapuri Electoral Area Hon. Viele Joseph supported his suggestions and welcomed the idea, he said the Council was set on the issue together with some chiefs to see to it that the festival is put in place.

Hon Viele thanked all stakeholders for the concern and admitted that Shea trees needed the necessary protection because they are a backbone to the economy.


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