David Yeng

In a recent speech given at the annual Agricultural Festival in Pogtuoyiri, Mr. David Yeng, also known as Chairman Carpenter, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Chairman of Jirapa constituency, expressed his concerns over the increasing hardship faced by Ghanaians.

He specifically blamed the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government for the current state of affairs, citing inflation as the main culprit.

According to the Ghana Statistical Service report, the cost of living in Ghana has risen to a staggering 42.2% in May 2023 due to inflation. Chairman Carpenter pointed out that the NPP government’s economic mismanagement has led to the escalating costs of farming inputs, making it increasingly difficult for farmers to cultivate crops.

He mentioned that the high cost of tractor plowing and fertilizers has significantly impacted crop cultivation in the Jirapa constituency and other parts of the country.

Furthermore, Chairman Carpenter highlighted the cancellation of vocational apprenticeship programs by the NPP government, which has deprived the youth of vital skills training. He assured the people of the Jirapa constituency that if the NDC comes back to power with John Dramani Mahama in 2024, they will reinstate vocational training under the Youth and Employment Agency.

Chairman Carpenter also acknowledged the challenges faced by school children, who are being compelled to drop out to join illegal mining activities for their survival. He urged parents to continue supporting their children’s education despite the economic hardships they are facing.

Hon Benedict Ninfaazuma, the Assembly Man of the area, echoed Chairman Carpenter’s sentiments, emphasizing that hardship is pushing Ghana backward and leading to an increase in social vices such as illegal mining. He urged parents to prioritize education as a means to eliminate poverty in their communities and give their children a chance at a better future.

The community requested the installation of street lights for added security to protect them from criminals. Mr. Williams, Mr. Nuobaaree, Mr. Francis, and other community members expressed their gratitude towards the NDC Chairman, Assembly Man, Member of Parliament, and the delegates for their presence and support during the festival.

The speech by Chairman Carpenter shed light on the present challenges faced by Ghanaians and raised concerns about the current government’s handling of the economy. As the public eagerly awaits the upcoming elections in 2024, the future of Ghana’s economy remains a topic of great importance.

SOURCE: Francis Edward Dongyiri. Gangaa Fm

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