Agriculture as the main economic activity in the Jirapa Municipality, two-thirds of Jirapa district are engaged in agriculture. Very few farmers are engaged in large scale production of crops and livestock.

Mr. Abu Baayirinaa the Municipal agricultural officer described Agricultural disaster as a violent, sudden and destructive change in the environment affecting farmers.

He continued that Some disasters include Crop and livestock pets, drought, Wildfires,floods, diseases and infestation, storms and so many. As agriculture relies on the weather, climate, and availability of Water to thrive made it easy to impact natural events and disasters.

Again, Mr. Lambert outlined some risk management methods that will help farmers improve productivity by applying proactive measures to avoid risks in farming.

He said farmers should identify various risks and assess their importance, develop strategies to manage the risks that remains and also develop methods to avoid risk using available resources.

Mr. Lambert added that a broad way range of actions that would make it possible to combat climate risk include using early warning and response system weather forecast, whole farm planning and resources allocation to activities on seasons, carefully assessment and crucial financial instruments such as Sales contract, insurance, hedging and infrastructural design such as wind break, animal shelter, dams, drip irrigation and land contours. He added some strategies to consider actions that can be taken these days that will improve current options as well as help against future climate risk.

The extend and duration of weather and climate event, the vulnerability as such changes might expose to a farm bottom line and the types, relevance and skills of information that are available about the the risk as current monitoring forecast scenarios and outlooks.

The Agric Officers revealed that farmers in the Jirapa Municipality have several programs including Agric Education supported by Jirapa Farmers Network (JIFN) in collaboration with Actionid Ghana.

SOURCE: Francis Edward Dongyiri/Gangaa Fm Jirapa.

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