The Municipal Chief Executive of Jirapa in the Upper-West region Madam Christine Bombanye-Amadu has come under serious attacks by some assembly members of her municipality and New Patriotic Party members for allegedly blowing over Ghc300,000.00 cash on non-existent projects.

Jirapa Municipal Chief Executive

The projects include a “supposed” construction of a three-classroom unit block at Mwankuri-Chachaa, a suburb of Jirapa and renovation of her official residence.
The concerned stakeholders who are on the neck of the MCE have however said eventhough payments have been made with regards to the above-mentioned projects, there is no structural evidence to connote the amount spent so far.

A youth group calling itself Coalition of Concerned New Patriotic Party Members of the Jirapa Constituency, in the Upper West region is calling for the immediate removal of Christine Bombanye-Amadu as the Municipal Chief Executive of the Jirapa Municipality.

The group has accused the MCE of being arrogant, autocratic and corrupt, a conduct they fear may ruin the fortunes of the party in the 2020 general elections.
“We are the ones on the ground with the people everyday and we are firm in our belief that the political fortunes of the NPP can be increased greatly, but not while this MCE remains in office.
“We therefore call on our father, His Excellency the President through the Regional Chairman and the Regional Minister to immediately revoke the appointment of the Municipal Chief Executive of Jirapa, Hon Christine Bonbanye-Amadu”, the group said in a press conference Saturday, March 16.

Addressed by a former constituency secretary of the party, Kansoh Gerald, at the constituency office in Jirapa, the group raised a litany of allegations against the MCE which they contend have protracted from 2017 unresolved, and are thus demanding her dismissal.
According to the group, the MCE was in April 2018 accused by some members of the Jirapa Municipal Assembly of misappropriating public funds. She was said to have spent amount GHS176,000 on renovating and furnishing her residence without the approval of the assembly. This, they claimed was preceded by a contract she awarded unilaterally on June 25, 2017 for the construction of a three-unit classroom block at Mwankuri-Chachaa, a project they claim does not exist yet “the MCE made a payment of GHS169,799.85 in respect of that non-existent contract without the assembly’s approval”.

They claimed assembly members who were aggrieved by the MCE’s conduct initiated moves to impeach her, but she used the courts to intimidate and victimize them.
The group say the situation at the municipal assembly has impacted negatively on the assembly in so many ways, including its inability to have an assembly session since April 2018 and its inability to approve the composite budget and annual plan for 2019 among others.
“They party currently cannot point at any project in the municipality from IGF because almost all activities of the assembly have come to a halt, structures are no longer working, and no permanent staff dare complain because transfer is now the tool to keep every worker silent”, the group complained.

Meanwhile, the group also wants the regional executive of the party and the president to advise the former regional chairman of the party, Abubakar Abdul-Rahaman (Alhaji Short) and Hafiz Bin-Salih to stop interfering in the political activities of the constituency.

By: Ghana Politics Online

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