Continental Dakar Jirapa

Continent Dakar is a Vibrant Young Man in the Field of Creativity who has made it a Social Responsibility to keep Mentally Challenged men clean by shaving their hair at no cost.

This was revealed by Sir Dicey Dakurah, a Journalist with Core News Ghana media in Jirapa on Saturday 11th February 2023.

Folks, let’s appreciate Continental Dakar a barbar in the Jirapa Municipality who has always barbered or shaved the hairs of mental patients in Jirapa. Just see how he has made some of them look nice. Good morning Bahass Gh

Bahass Gh

That’s good of him
We worked together last two years on world mental health day in Jirapa


Dormuo Samuel

“Every body’s effort to improve the living standard of others will never be overlook by others. God bless you all.”

Rosalius Kuusonne

“Humanity @ it’s peak ✊✊”

Morris Kyeyeluu

“Good work bro. May God bless you”


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