Member of Salifu Ganaa Family, Baba Maleek(Right) Spoke on the Issue

A Member of the Salifu Ganaa Family, Mr. Baba Maleek has Explained that the Late  Chief of Jirapa, Chief Salifu Ganaa advocated for Muslims and Christians to Inter Marry before his demise, he made these pronouncements when he was Interviewed by Joy News in Jirapa.

According to him the Late Chief of Jirapa, Salifu Ganaa Ansole was a stakeholder in the establishment of the Catholic church in Jirapa during his reign as Chief.

According Mr. Baba Maleek:
“The late Salifu Ganaa Ansole lived with the then Catholic people who came inn here and we want to sound to everybody here, Muslims and Christians, we are not enemies, he spoke on it at length to extend that he said Muslims and Christians you can even Marry. SubahanAllah, that is what he told us, we are here we are Muslims, they were two brothers, one was called Umar and one was called Salifu and Salifu is the Ganaa Ansole who settled here(Jirapa), the Umar Man left here for Wa, if you go to Wa, Limanyiri, he is from here”.

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