Jirapa NDC Held a Press Conference over Late Lawyer Badombie’s Death

The Jirapa Constituency NDC Communication team headed by N-ekabong B. Vitalis has released a press statement in line with the death of Renowned Lawyer Richard Badombie.

The release came inn on the 1st of June 2022, few days after the New Patriotic Party had released theirs.


Friends of the media, ladies and gentlemen I welcome you to this all important media engagement.
The NDC in the Jirapa Constituency is yet to find appropriate expression, to describe the shock that hit us like a thunderbolt, relative to the sad event of the early hours of Saturday 28th May, 2022.
We woke up Saturday morning to the rather bitter news of the gruesome murder of an illustrious son of the Jirapa Municipality, by faceless gun wielding bandits between Banda Nkwanta and Nuoyiri in the Bole District of the Savanna Region. The faceless bandits, we are told by earlier media reports, bolted into nearby bushes after committing their cowardly act which have left our hearts bleeding with pains. We condemn this dastardly act in no uncertain terms and call on all with information that can help track down his killers, to do so in order to facilitate the process of getting justice for him and his family.
The late Lawyer Richard Badombie before his sorrowful demise was the elected Assembly Member for the Kuncheni Electoral Area of the Jirapa Municipal Assembly. He was a committed Member of the NDC in the Jirapa Constituency. Lawyer Richard Badombie was a law abiding citizen of Ghana, an officer of the law court and indeed, a towering member of our society, who was instrumental in putting bread on the tables of countless people, whilst leaving no stone unturned when matters of Jirapa’s development was concerned. We are struck in shock and still wondering why such a resourceful individual’s life would be squeezed out of him in that wicked manner, whilst going round his lawful duties.
On behalf of our Hon. Member of Parliament (Hon. Cletus Seidu Dapilah), Our Constituency Chairman (Chairman David Yeng), the entire Constituency Executive Committee, the teeming Party rank and file, we wish to profoundly extend our condolences to the wife and immediate family of our fallen Comrade. We wish to equally condole with the Chiefs and people of the Kuncheni Electoral Area in particular and the entire Jirapa Municipality, for the loss of such an illustrious son.
News received about the apprehension of three suspects, relating to the murder of our Comrade, ignites a spark of hope that, our slain brother and his family and indeed, the entire Jirapa, will receive justice for this heinous crime committed against us. We call on the Inspector General of Police, the Savannah Regional Command of the Police Service and the entire security architecture, to put to bear the best of their expetise and to expediously work on bringing every culprit of this crime to book. It is our considered view that, any delay at apprehending the culprits of this crime, will be an injury on our justice system.
Whilst we are yet to come to terms with the magnitude of this loss, we wish to express our disgust and revulsion at the twist with which one Zaato Ali (NPP Constituency secretary for Jirapa), sought to give to this unfortunate matter. In an earlier press release issued on Sunday 29th May, 2022 under his signature, he shamelessly sought to conjecture that, the assassination of our beloved Comrade may be traced to his interest in the upcoming NDC internal reorganization. Ordinarily, we would have ignored his amateurish insinuations, but his insensitivity in this matter evokes indignation and must be outrightly condemned by all.
As a son of Jirapa, it is our expectation that, in such moment of grief, he should be guided by our age long virtues of respect for the dead and sincere sympathy for the grieving. It is against this backdrop that, we find his attempt to draw political capital from this painful loss as absurd, repulsive, regrettably and highly condemnable. The NDC is a peaceful political party that cherishes democracy and also places high premium on every single member of the Party. It is instructive to state that, no amount of competing interest in the party could ever warrant the truncation of the life of a resourceful member, more particularly, the likes of an irreplaceable person like Lawyer Richard Badombie. Since Zaato Ali appears to have clues of what might have underpinned the cowardly killing of Comrade Richard Badombie Esq, we humbly call on the Ghana Police Service, to invite him to help expedite investigations to deliver justice expediously to our slain brother.
In conclusion, we wish to reiterate our deepest condolences to the sea of bereaved persons, who have been grieving since this sad incident occurred. We are also passionately appealing to all who can assist with information leading to the arrest of all the perpetrators of this crime, to assist the police such that, justice can be expeditiously delivered in honour of our late Comrade, for justice delayed, is justice denied.
I call on the discerning youth of Jirapa to stay calm while we await justice to be served our beloved brother.
Thank you.

N-ekabong B. Vitalis
(Constituency Communications Officer)
(Jirapa Constituency)

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