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On the first day of the 21-day voters’ registration exercise in Jirapa, only nineteen (19) individuals registered at the Municipal Office of the Electoral Commission, and they received their voter ID cards promptly. A credible source said.

The Electoral Commission was all set to begin the exercise at 8:00 am, but initial turnout was very low.

Gradually, a small number of people began arriving to register.

The registration will continue tomorrow, running from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

All eligible individuals (those aged 18 and above) can register at the EC office situated between Moyiri and Baazu, near the police barrier along the Jirapa-Wa road.

Eligible persons are to go along with their Ghana card or have two already registered voters vouch for them as guarantors.

Source: Sir Dicey Dakurah

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