Swearing Inn of NPP Executives in Jirapa

Jirapa constituency’s New executives of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) were sworn in today, 6th of May 2022.

The Process was carried out by the Deputy Regional secretary of the New Patriotic Party, Lawyer Superatus Ongoh and the Regional second Vice chair, David Angpennuo at FMM Hall, Jirapa.

Swearing at Jirapa

The executives were urged to put efforts in place to maintain unity in order to win the seat from the Ruling National Democratic Congress(NDC).


Youth organizer
Rejected 10
1.Richard Boowula 231
2.Bayor Anold 345
3.Francis 65
4.Tuo Franklyn 52

Rejected 5
1.Maalong S James 273
2.Anglieraangmen Evans 302
3.Gyie Augustine 124

Rejected 11
1.James Dery 290
2.Tengan B Augustine
3.Angkono Kingsley 96

Assistant secretary
Rejected 1
1.Boyan Moses Dery 273
2.Neldon Yeluzie 355
3.Gyling Dery Simon 64

Rejected 11
1.Tanye Collins Kofi 291
2.Zaato Doma Ali 302
3.Stephen Salia 82
4.Kansoh Gerald 16

2nd Vice chair
Rejected 13
1.David Noekuu 290
2.Alhassan Abdulai 279
3.Francis Vuurong 120

1st Vice Chair
Rejected 21
1.Bayor Vitus Suglo 238
2.Comas Kuuyaayaa 325
3.Ibrahim Musah 65
4.Dasah Cletus 54

Rejected 20
1.Kpokpori Tieh 309
2.Nuhu A Jalilu 199
3.Raymond Tuureh 139
4.George Y Dorsah 34

Source: Marcelinus Mwinsagra

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