Private Schools in Jirapa

Proprietors of private schools in Jirapa Municipality are set to push a petition to the Jirapa municipal assembly over high taxes imposed on their schools by Government.

An interaction with some members of the association, pastor David Tengan and alhaji Salifu indicated that previously, there used to be a consensus between proprietors and the assembly on payment of tax according to the strength of each school and it aided the younger/new schools to also catch up with the rest.

However, for 2022 and 2023, the story seems to be the opposite where assembly will just impose an amount on them without the usual consensus knowing very well that the schools are of different status.

They added that if the issue is not addressed properly,most of the younger/new schools will collapse and consequently decline the educational standards in the municipality.

They therefore appealed to the MCE to look into the matter else,they will petition the municipal assembly.

Source: Gangaa FM

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