Teaching staff of Mminbaballa Solid Rock Academy

Private schools in Jirapa Municipality are contributing to high percentage of passes in Basic Education.

Mwinbaballa Solid Rock Academy is a private school established in Jirapa since the year 2012. The School is headed by Mrs Felicia Bang and owned by Pastor Nicholas Bawatuolokuu the senior Pastor of Deeper Life Church in Jirapa.

Mwinbaballa Solid Rock Academy has organized it’s 11th graduation to promote their pupils to the next class .

In an address to parents by the Headmistress, she indicated that, the school’s first badge has successfully recorded 100 percent pass in the 2022 BECE examination in which all of those candidates were placed Automatically in the various SHS across the country. No examination malpractices recorded. The second badge of candidates have also completed their BECE examination and the school is hoping for another 100 percent passes.

Again, with the regards to the continuing students, each student will have to make a minimum average raw score of 65 percent to qualify for promotion to the next level, She added.

Mrs Felicia added that the school has more than 20 students being sponsored with their school fees and other incentives due to loss of parents and financial challenges. School management have confirmed the need to sponsor those children since these pupils are academically inclined but which parents and caretakers are financially handicapped. She quickly call for the support of NGO’s and individuals since they find it difficult sometimes in providing furniture, textbooks, Uniforms and feeding becomes a major challenge to tackle.

Source: Edward Dongyiri/Gangaa FM

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