St. Francis Girls SHS

Some students of St. Francis Girls SHS in the Jirapa Municipality have gone all out to express their disastisfsction with food served them at their school, some students tagged the food as poorly prepared.

In a TikTok post they shared it on, they used emoji’s to make mockery of the food and that the situation they found themselves with tags like ‘free shs ampa’.

The video was shared by Tiktok user @reeddespite and lasted for 34 seconds.

Three girls were in the video with a boy capturing the information to prove their level of dissatisfaction with the system. Rice was wrapped in a black polythene bag and opened to a camera, according to the students, the food in the polythene should be rice but due to how poorly prepared the food was, it became rice balls.

Background Voices

“Lunch, Lunch, Lunch ooo, Yawu, Yawuoo,
Today is better,each student, half laddle, 11 People,half laddle each.
Second party: Ahh! Is it rice balls?
Students: no,it’s rice, rice with yellow source”.
Head of the School and the District Director are yet to respond to the development.

Several people have tagged the students as brave and confident urging more students to reveal instances where they feel unsafe.

The Free SHS System was introduced in 2017 by the Akufo-Addo led administration to provide an avenue for more students leaving the Junior High School level to be Able to enroll for shs without the need to pay fees.

Management of Senior High schools have been cautioned by the Education Ministry not to charge fees or take money in any form from Students.

Meanwhile in 2021, some students of Kaleo Senior High Technical School were suspended over agitations in similar regard.


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