The Tendamba of Jirapa Municipality have issued their Displeasure in a petition to the presiding member of Jirapa Municipality.

According to the Tendamba Group headed by Nuobe Kumaase, the decision to impeach the Municipal Chief Executive, Christine Bobanye Amadu was based on personal attacks.

“We the Tendamba and Traditional People of Jirapa Traditional Area wish to acknowledge receipt of ‘NOTICE OF MOTION UNDER ORDER 17 OF STANDING ORDERS’ Moved by the honourable members of the Jirapa Municipal Assembly indicating the impeachment of the Honourable MCE, Christine Bombanye Amadu.
However, We wish to state clearly that we the Tendamba of Jirapa Traditional Area are not in support of the motion moved by some aggrieved Assembly members of the Jirapa Municipal assembly Regarding the Impeachment of the MCE.
We also wish to state that matters of the said allegations labelled against the MCE be reported to the appropriate authorities for further investigation rather than engaging in personal attacks.
Conclusively, we advice that the honorable assembly members should together with the honourable MCE, the youth, opinion leaders and Tendamba of Jirapa must work together to bring the necessary development rather than engage in personal attacks.
Could ting on your usual cooperation.
Find attached is the list of names of the Jirapa Traditional areas.
Thank You”
In a letter Dated
29th April 2018 and Thumbprinted by Nuombe Kumaase.

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Images By: Tinus Tuozie

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