Jirapa Traditional Council

The Amazing Jirapa Branch of Amazing city of Wonders Chapel, Organized a Service on 10th August, 2022 to celebrate 5 years of grace of the church alongside the birthday of the founder of the church, prophet Pienaah Ignatius popularly known as prophet of the land.

Prophet of the land in his speech to cut the cakes for the occasion(2 cakes were prepared, one for 5th anniversary and one for the birthday celebration) said the day is a precious day for him as he celebrates the two occasions concurrently because “Satan never wants anything good to be fall a man but God in His outmost love granted him these occasions”He added, if you are on a journey and you fall on the way, you try to get up and continue “these are the work of satan.

The chief of Jirapa traditional council,Naa Justice Dinaa and his landlords congratulated both church and prophet for the occasion and narrated how their forefathers embraced religion from the white men years back and can not deny any religion the power to operate.Naa Justice Dinaa therefore urged members to pray for peace,unity, long life, protection among others for the traditional council so that together we can build a better Jirapa.

Municipal Director of Ghana Health Services (rep) reminded the gathering of COVID-19 and other strange diseases out break and also cautioned the general public on the use of hard drugs which most a times results in madness especially, the youth.

The municipal police commander (rep) also touched on the recent security issues and urged all to stick to the slogan “see something,say something” He advised the public on the use of motor bikes by minors.
The manager of National Health Insurance Scheme also assured members of their support to ensure that members who are not covered by the scheme get covered.

Chief Imam express happiness to the collaboration between Christianity and Islamic religions in Jirapa and urged that, such should be exhibited by all for a common good.

There were health staffs seated to immunize people who have not received their COVID-19 jabs.
8 smocks were presented to the invited guests(the chiefs and others)
Presentation of gifts and birthday wishes was done to the church as well as the prophet of the land.

The chiefs, landlords together with prophet of the land poured libation for long life,unity, protection and progress of the church.

Prophet of the land inaugurated the appointed leadership of the church and prayed for them.
There were prayers and series of local dances to grace the occasion.

By Mwinsagra Marcellinus/Gangaa FM

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