Jirapa Traditional Council

The Jirapa Traditional Council has issued a Statement directing Animal Farmers to regulate movement of their animals in order not to be fined.

This measure according to the council is to foster peaceful coexistence between Crop farmers and animal farmers.


The Jirapa Traditional Council in collaboration with the Jirapa Municipal Assembly, wish to announce for the information and compliance of the general public in the Jirapa Municipality especially animal owners/caretakers (goats, sheep, pigs, donkeys, cattle, etc) to, with immediate effect, confine their animals and/or take care of them so as to prevent them from causing accidents and destroying the next person’s livelihood (farmlands).

The green season is here but the rains so far have been erratic, a cost of frustration to crop farmers, So do not allow for an already frustrated farmer to pour his/her frustrations on you for your own negligence.

A grace period of 3-days is hereby granted everyone to ensure that their animals are all confined. A compliance task force including Assembly staff, the Youth from the Traditional Council, the Ghana Police Service and other stake holders will be deployed throughout the municipality effective 3rd July, 2023 to arrest any stray animal seen loitering.


Owners of such animals shall pay a penalty of not less than GH¢100.00 and not more than GH¢4,000.00 before their animals are released to them.

The compliance task force duty goes beyond just arresting animals and slapping fines on culprits but also to admonish Fulani herdsmen to take PROPER care of their cattle both during the day and at night.


Owners of cattle and caretakers are to ensure that their pens/kraals are in good shape at every point in time.

The farmer folks in equal measure are advised to approach cattle destruction of their farms with the collegiality it deserves for peaceful resolution of disputes that might arise.

While wishing everyone the best of the season, let’s be each other’s keeper.

Thanks in advance for your compliance


Justice Donglabong Dinaa

Regent of Jirapa.

Source: Huudi Yahaya/Eto’o

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