Water Crisis at Baazu-Gaapare

Female Residents of Baazu-Gaapare in the Jirapa Municipality have expressed worry about water crisis in the area.

In an interview with one of the women by Gangaa fm revealed that,the community’s only borehole was cited far away in a valley which during rainy season makes it difficult for them to have access to it.

She added that,the member of Parliament for Jirapa constituency,Hon.Cletus Seidu Dapilah came to their aid with the current borehole which the community is using.However, there is pressure on the borehole as women have to form queue for water the whole day.

“The birth pattern of women in the community has reduced due to the water crisis because the time to have with your husband is when you have to go and queue for water “she said.The women are therefore calling on all Benevolent individuals, NGOs the municipal and philanthropist to come and rescue them from this situation.

Source: Gangaa FM

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