Former MP for Kumbungu, Mr. Ras Mubarak at Royal Cossy Hills Resort

Few days after the public was informed about how lions are fed with Donkeys at Royal Coast Hills Hotel,  Management of the Hotel has come out to object the statement made by Former MP for Kumbungu,  blaming a Tour guide for miscommunication.

Jirapa Dubai, Royal Cossy Hills Resort


“On the morning of 23 May 2022, Royal Cosy Hills Hotel was made aware of a statement made by Ras Mubarak, popular host of the YouTube Channel ‘The Real Travel Show’, during the recording of one of his travel episodes about visiting Royal Cosy Hills Hotel. In the clip he states that the hotel is feeding the lions at our Safari Ranch, 3 x donkeys a week.

We would like to state categorically that this has never been the case. This was simply a
miscommunication between one of our guides and the presenter during their interaction prior to the live coverage.

In order to quantify the amount of food that our lions eat, we explain to guests that our four lions need as much meat as you will find on three donkeys or cattle, each week.

It really is a staggering amount of sustenance, so we want our guests to really visualise what goes into caring for big cats like these. Unfortunately, the essence and intention of this comparison was lost during the

We actually have a pregnant donkey at our Safari right now, as we speak; we are just waiting for the foal to be born, so that we can habituate it and introduce both mother and baby as an attraction in our petting zoo.

How can we ever find it in ourselves to feed these soulful, beautiful animals to our lions, if we are planning to make them part of our family? In closing, we would like to invite all members of the public to come and view our lions and the pregnant donkey on 24, 25 and 26 May’22; free of charge.”.


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