Sonzelle Rural Bank

There have been at least three major events in the banking and finance industry in recent times where investors and depositors have lost significant investments after the collapsed of some banking and non-banking financial institutions and most recently, the controversial Domestic Debt Exchange programme.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Sunzele Rural Bank, Abdul Sallam Bamie has confirmed it but was fast to add that the Sunzele Rural Bank in spite of these developments has been able to bounce back and is able to maintain its position as the country’s best performing rural bank since the year 2022.

Mr. Bamie is encouraging people to have confidence in the banking and financial industry, especially the Sunzele Rural Bank because strategies have been deployed to protect the savings of clients.

‘‘The banking sector cleanup had an effect on the banking operations but fortunately, we as a bank we are not affected. In spite of the cleanup our deposits are growing, our loans are growing and all the other indicators that we use to determine whether the bank is growing. It is based on these that we have been ranked as the best rural bank in Ghana’’.

Source: Jirapa FM

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