Kyaare Community

The people of Kyaare are crying out for help as their only source of water (dam) used for irrigational purposes runs dry.

Kyaare is a community with an average population located in Jirapa- konzokala in the upper west region. Most of the residents of kyaare depend on farming for a living because any other businesses might not be all that profitable Incase one wants to venture into any other areas of business in the community aside farming.

Youth of the Community therefore have to flee from home in search of greener pastures else where as they believe nothing profitable might come out from home because of the dried nature of the dam.

Speaking with Hon Salia Stephen Dafaa the assembly member of the Kyaare Electoral Area, he said, the dam has been serving as a source of water for community members way back till date. According to him, he is disturbed because of the situation as many community members have been trooping to him and asking for the way forward in solving the problem.

” People are into farming in this part of the area especially garden making. Most of them have been farming crops like pepper and tomatoes and these crops bare freshly green leaves but because of the unavailability of water in the dam, all the crops have turned brown and dying off making it s hard for work for the farmers and (garden owners) not being recognized”, he added.

The Assembly member of the area therefore appeal to all government officials, NGOs and everyone to come on board to help the community out of this mess. Hon. Salia also told Gangaa Radio of the plans of Mobilizing community members to start doing something at the dam whiles they awaits for help.

The Jirapa Municipal Director of Agriculture Mr. Joseph Kambunaba also shared his view to Gangaa Radio concerning the issue and said ” it is worrying because we don’t know why this year the dam dried very early. We go round looking at the gardens and the crops planted but none of them has yielded well because the water in the dam have all been dried up”. He also told Gangaa 94.3 fm that if something is done about it, problems of farmers in the area will increase and sometimes we need to blame ourselves because some of the activities done within dam borders can also lead to drying the water up.

Upon interacting with the the Assembly member of Duori Guo Hon. Daniel Angsogra , he emphasised that the Kyaare dam does not serve only the people in the community but also the people in Gogu tempaarizie, Duori Guo and Jirapa. He stated that since the inception of the dam, alot of people including animals have benefited .

” when people farm and used the water from the dam, their crops grow well and they in turn sell these produce in the market in order to pay their children’s school fees, taking care of their health issues as well as purchasing learning materials for their wards he added.

Hon. Daniel took the mandate to indicate that after everything if help still delays, community members will be mobilized to see how best they can tackle the issue on the ground.

Madam Helena, a pregnant woman in the community, Mr Pogifaa Tuomine and other people in the kyaare community also expressed their displeasure and called on all to come to their aid.

Source: Gangaa FM

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