Ping Electoral Area Assembly Man and Chief of Ping receiving furniture for Jirapa education directorate


Ping Community has a population of about 4,500 people with a school population of 495 pupils comprising Kindergarten, Lower and Upper Primary and Junior High Schools.

The Kindergarten and Primary alone have a population of 357 pupils. Kindergarten stand alone has a population of 91 pupils. The performance of the Ping Junior High School in the past ten (10) years has been abysmal due to a lack of A1 start-up at the Kindergarten level.

The people of Ping in the Jirapa municipal of the upper west region have received their share of infrastructural benefits from Impact Next Generation a Non-governmental organization of the United State of America.

Addressing the media, Hon Thomas Wirnaa Tengan the Assembly Man of Ping Electoral Area in the Jirapa Municipality of the Upper West Region states some challenges facing Ping Basic school which affect teaching and learning.

Lack of furniture for the Kindergarten and Lower and Upper Primary Schools which is seriously affecting effective teaching and learning.
A Day Nursery/Kindergarten block to house Nursery 1, Nursery 2, Kindergarten and an Office and a store and a playground facilities to create a conducive atmosphere for recreation for the children.

A full-fledged Computer Laboratory to support Information and Communication Technology teaching and learning in the school including the Junior Hugh School.
A mechanized borehole to improve the water and sanitation requirements of the entire Basic Schools in Ping.
Lack of security lights in the entire school compound to prevent burglary.Connection of the school to the National Electricity Grid to enable us use these electrical energy-requiring facilities.
Renovation of the Basic School blocks – Masonry, carpentry works and painting and Inadequate number of teachers to render effective teaching at both Primary and Junior High School levels.

Hon. Thomas Wirnaa Tengan announced that IMPACT NEXT GENERATION, a UK-based Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) has come to their aid with 153 tables and chairs for the Kindergarten/Primary Schools.
This was together with provision from the Ghana Education Service effectively addressed our challenge of lack of furniture for the Kindergarten and partly for the Primary School.

“…..On behalf of the Chief, the Tindaana and Elders, the Ping Area Youth and Development Association, the Assemblyman and Unit Committee members, all the Teachers of Ping D/A Basic School, wished to express our profound gratitude for extending a hand of generosity to the needy Community of Ping. This will go down in the history of Ping Primary School and we wish to assure the Managing Director of IMPACT NEXT GENERATION that the teachers and pupils shall put this furniture to good use to achieve the objectives of this kind donation….” he said.

Hon. Wirnaa appeal to IMPACT NEXT GENERATION to build a Day Nursery/Kindergarten Block with a full-fledged Compute with Desk-top/Laptop Computers with internet connectivity to achieve an A1 start-up for the pupils of Ping Primary and Junior High Schools.

“…. we humbly request a playground with fully furnished facilities to cater for the recreational needs of the pupils….” he added. He also extend their sincere appreciation to Mr. N-ekabong Vitalis Boniface who introduced IMPACT NEXT GENERATION to me and the Primary School Head, Mr. Alexander Boore and we applied and were considered for these furniture. We own Messes. Boore and N-ekabong a fortune.

One may ask why the school is not connected to the National Grid and we have made such an elaborate request for social amenities which require electric energy to drive. We wish to assure the Community that we, the MCE, Member of Parliament and the Assemblyman are working in collaboration to have Ping connected to the National Electricity Grid.

“… the Ping Community will also passionately appeal to the Government, the Ministry of Education, the Ghana Education Service, the Member of Parliament of the Jirapa Constituency, other Non-governmental Organizations to come to the aid of Ping Basic Schools as the challenges listed above involve a lot of financial and social capital resources and cannot be carried out by the Community alone with our meagre resources … ” he added.

The Assembly Member thanked all for finding time to attend this all important function and wish to assure Impact Next Generation that the furniture so donated will be put to good use to improve the performance of the Ping Basic Schools.

Source: Francis Edward Dongyiri/ Gangaa Fm

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