One of the contestants for the youth organizer slot in the yet to be conducted elections, Mr. Tuorimuo Elvis Philip has opposed the proposed date 23rd June 2018 set aside for the party’s constituency elections.

Tuorimuo Elvis Philip, Youth Organizer Hopeful.

According to Tuorimuo, the Ramadan season should not be blended with political activities.

Most contestants here in Wa central are Muslims and should be accorded some respect. They would have to attend to Allah’s call first before any other thing. Imagine the fasting starts on 14th and takes up to 30days before Idul-Fitr, and we should be projecting at least 16th June for the end of this Islamic Observation, how many days will it take the candidates to reorganize for campaigning before the elections. He quizzed
Most of the delegates are Muslims who wouldn’t listen to your campaigns whilst observing fasting so how do you deliver your message. To worsen it we have not less than 151 polling stations and about 1400 voters to meet. So let’s respect our Islamic Brothers and extend the election date.
He concluded.

Mr. Tuorimuo Elvis Philip is aspiring for youth Organizer in Wa Central constituency.
He is a past student of Wa Polytechnic where he offered Information and Commination Technology. He proceeded to the University of Education, WINNEBA where he offers Bachelor of Business Administration, Human Resource Management as A Distance Student.


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