Antika Rice Produced in Wa

Antika Company Limited gas made Antika Rice Available in significant Sizes in the Upper West Region. Thee Development is part of efforts to made localah Produced rice readily available and affordable for the Masses. The Company has also made prices and sizes available for trade Justification.

Sizes Available and Prices

5kg – GH¢45
25kg – GH¢225
50kg – GH¢450

Antika Company Can be located in Wa with it’s main office and Warehouse at Napogbakolee, few Meters away from the Nursing & Midwifery Hostel and the Military Barracks. It’s also few Meters Away from Grand Hyatt Hotel close to the Wa-Bamahu Main Road within SSNIT Residential Area.

They have a second office close to Tender Care Preparatory School in Kunta.

Antika Company also deals in Agro Inputs including Fertilizer.



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