Police patrol team on duty as at 12:00am on 4th March 2019 were threatened by some young men within Kambali for Asking them to go and sleep.

Kambali-Maxixco Scene

According to eyewitnesses interviewed, the police patrol team was heading towards Sombo within the Wa municipality when all of a sudden they stopped, they asked why young boys of their age were still outside as at 12:03am, the police after asking the question asked the boys who were 17 in number to go home, one of the boys resisted[name witheld] the command and stayed by the roadside insisting he can’t be forced to go and sleep.

This compelled the police officers to step down from their Navara Pickup in attempt to arrest the young man, he was not in agreement to put on the hand-corps. The resistance compelled the police to call another team to assist them, which was the MTTU Patrol Team, in the process, some young men from all corners within Kambali, Close to Maxixco Gardens came out from no where with stones, some threw stones at the police officers as they yelled, the victim also insisted he committed no offence to warrant an arrest, According to a police rider on duty, a cell phone belonging to the police officers fell and an unidentified person picked it.

The Police demanded for the phone but to no avail.
They took the guy to the police station.

By: Upperwestmedia.net

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