several calls to empty the kambali public toilet has proven futile as calls have been unresponded to, residents have complained of how the state of the toilet has pushed them into open defection and pleaded with the assembly to act within time to avert the risk involved in open defecation.
Morris Banawimi visited the scene and this was what he observed
“This is the sanitation situation at Kambali public toilet a suburb of Wa. It has been full for the past two weeks making it uncomfortable for both indigenes and strangers to use it. I just spotted this mad man fetching the feacal matter and dumping it close to the toilet making it uncomfortable foe residents at the area to breath in air as the scent is too much. But the move is to pave way for people to use it……..where are the authorities expected to ensure that these public toilets are in good shape as people pay before using those facilities. It is sad and unacceptable for a municipality when we wake up everyday speaking about good sanitation practices and cannot ensure that public toilets are safe and conducive to use………MY QUESTION IS WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MONITORING OF PUBLIC TOILETS AND WHO IS MANAGING THOSE FACILITIES……..More details on Radio Mak 105.5fm”

Credit: Morris Banawini

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