The role of roads in our socio- economic development cannot be downplayed in national growth and development. It helps move goods, persons and facilitates service rendering which cumulatively transforms the national economic.


The roads situation in Daffiama-Bussie-Issa district has become worrying and very difficult for constituents to commute from one town to the other.
There are over three broken bridges linking various roads in the district. A broken bridges from Tabiasi to Sazie, Fian to Wogu, and Touri to Daffiama are left unattended to. These bridges serve as death traps for users. Lucky is anyone who passes these bridges without accident. Must one loss his life before these roads are fixed? What is the District Chief Executive (DCE) doing in his small ways to fix these roads? We never experienced this under the leadership of Hon. Fidelis Zumakpe and his boss John Mahama. If for nothing at all, these roads were continually reshaped and lightened in the nights.
The only motto able road in the district is the one linking Fian to Bussie which was constructed in the previous government led by H.E John Dramani Mahama. The rest of the roads are nothing but killer roads and bridges which cause avoidable accidents daily. The road from Fian to Wogu, Issa to Kojokperi, Kojokperi to Joluyiri, Tabiasi to Sazie, Bussie to Daafima, Bussie to Kamahegu are nothing but traps that can easily cause severe accidents to users. This does not only endanger the lives of constituents but slows economic activities as well as high cost of transportation.
Within two years down the lane, nothing has been done to put these mentioned roads and bridges into good shape. The very road leading to the district capital (Issa) has one of its bridges broken for over one year now, nothing has been done to repair this bridge. This is the road use by staff of the assembly headed by the district chief executive.
Interestingly, one would have thought that being an engineer by profession cum District Chief Executive ( DCE), this very broken bridge would have been repaired by now knowing the importance of roads and the know how. Hon. Imoro Sanda Nadi must wake up. The roads in the district are threatening the lives of your constituents of whom he seeks to serve and protect. Street lights are white elephants along the roads due to lack of maintenance.
Our hope got lost when government published roads to be constructed using the two billion syndicated Chinese loan. It is as a result of the fact that not a single road was captured from the district. Haven cancelled several work in progress roads contracts on the grounds of over pricing and lack of funds as well as cocoa roads, one would have thought that government would have ratified the alleged anomalies associated with these roads contracts to first track their constructions. Here we are with most of these roads worsen as the day grows old. Daffiama-Bussie- Issa is part of Ghana and deserves better roads.
Gandiibu Naah Evans

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