Pupils of the Korinyiri primary school in the Nadowli/Kaleo district of the Upper West region observe their normal lessons in a dilapidated six unit classroom block built for over a decade.

School Block in Nadowli-Kaleo

Due to the critical nature of the block, teaching and learning goes on under trees during the raining seasons. In an interview with Radio Waa news, parents and guardians expressed worry over the situation calling on government and civil society organisations to come to their aid.

As of the time the news crew got there, the doors and windows of the school were all opened ajar and the block developing major cracks which have made it more of a death trap than a conducive building for teaching and learning.
Despite this, school dropout especially on the part of girls is on the ascendancy as many do refuse to continue their education after completing primary six due to the challenges they face in trekking to Naro a community where they can access a Junior High School which is also far from Korinyiri and can take one almost two hours to walk to the nearby community Naro.

Meanwhile, a three unit classroom block which was awarded on contract under the turner of the former DCE Hon. Johnbosco in the erstwhile NDC administration has been abandoned after the walls of the structure were erected up to lintrings level.
However, the current DCE is yet to comment on the matter.

By: Sawed Fatawu

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