Water and Sanitation Management Teams

In an era where access to clean water, proper sanitation, and improved hygiene practices remains a pressing global challenge, the significance of capacity building in the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) sector cannot be overstated.

WASH initiatives are pivotal in ensuring human health and dignity and fostering sustainable development and environmental preservation.

As communities around the world grapple with the consequences of water scarcity, inadequate sanitation facilities, and the devastating effects of unhygienic practices, the urgency to equip individuals, organizations, and institutions with the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle these issues head-on has never been greater.

It is in line with this that Savannah Alliance Ghana took the opportunity to organize a capacity-building workshop for the newly formed WSMTs in the Lambussie district. In the early hours of Thursday, the 20th day of July 2023, participants arrived at the Billaw Basic School for the workshop.

Representatives from Savannah Alliance Ghana took participants through record keeping, business financing, and group dynamics. The teams were taught how to effectively keep records of their activities. They were also taken through how to manage people from different backgrounds in a group.

SNV Ghana the lead NGO in the implementation of the Healthy Future for All project also did a presentation on the technicalities involved in the management of water points.

Participants were educated on the various parts of the water point and the kind of maintenance they require from time to time. They were also introduced to the tool kit for maintaining the water points. Details on the solar components of the water point were not left out.

The workshop was a productive one and it’s believed participants will put into use the knowledge acquired to help manage and sustain the various water points under their care.

Savannah Alliance Ghana (SAG) a partner in the implementation of the HF4A is a capacity development organization that provides tailored-made capacity building for development-related agencies.

It operates mostly in the Northern part of Ghana with a special interest in the WASH sector, food security, Agric and Livelihood improvement, Education, and Environmental Conservation.

Source: Pius Doozie

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