Lambussie: Final Funeral Rite of Late NPP Vice Chair to be held in Wa West

Late First Vice Chairman of NPP, Mohammed Suleman

The Late Lambussie NPP Constituency Vice Chair who passed on at the Tamale Teaching Hospital on 6th July 2022, is from Wechiau in the Wa West District.

This was revealed after findings made by Abdul Rashid Issah, A Journalist within the Lambussie Constituency.

He had moved from Wechiau to Settle in Hamile Located in the Lambussie District before his demise.

The funeral rites of the late Suleiman
Mohammed (Nba Sule), who passed on the 6th of July this year, will be climaxed with Islamic prayers (Adua) at the Family house in Wehiau, the Wa West District Capital.

The late Nba Sule, who was the first vice chairman of the NPP, Lambussie
Constituency in the Upper West Region, he gave up the ghost at the Tamale Teaching Hospital on July 6, this year, and was laid to rest according to Islamic tradition.

He contested in the Recent Constituency elections alongside a party member only identified as Huudu.

Results for First Vice Chairman Position (Lambussie)
Mohammed Suleman – 216
Huudu – 209

Source: Abdul Rashid Issah



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