Hamile-Fuelmuo Road

A Senior Lecturer with the Department of Planing and Land Management of SDD-UBIDS, Dr. Alfred Dongzagla has expressed dismay with the state of some roads within the Lambussie Constituency.

In a statement he released on Thursday, December 22nd 2022, Dr. Dongzagla noted that the Lambussie-Piina-Samoa Road is in an abhorrent state and as a result is affecting Productivity within the Area.

He drew the attention of the Lambussie District Assembly headed by Hon. Naluri George to the fact that a grader, which is parked at the Headquarters of the District Assembly can be used to fix the roads by eliminating potholes in them. The Senior Lecturer seized the opportunity to Commend the Assembly for Maintaining the Fielmuo-Hamile Road.


Hamile-Fielmuo-Puzene road not tarred but well shaped and gravelled (see picture below).

If we can’t tar our roads, let’s at least get them shaped and gravelled.

I had to post this because my experience on Nandom – Lambussie- Piina – Samoa road was terrible. Meanwhile, I saw a grader in front  of Lambussie Assembly.


Nicholas Abdulai

“Chale, the roads in upper west especially are so terrible. And I am speaking from experiences in 2009 ooh. Gbolu, Tumu, Nandom, and those days Hamile too. I’m glad the Hamile one is now better. Hmmmm. It’s like governments don’t care about the upper west roads.”

Mohammed Abdulai

“Roads in most parts of the Lambussie District are terrible.

Safe driver Dr”

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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