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We, members of the above mentioned group who are concerned card bearing members of the National Democratic Congress, NDC, in the Nadowli/Kaleo constituency wish to use this opportunity to inform the NDC community, and the general public at large, of the formation and intended launch of our pro-NDC movement for victory 2020 in the Nadowli/Kaleo constituency.

Fellow Akatamansonians of the NDC fraternity, the formation of this victory minded movement has been necessitated by the following compelling reasons:-

1. The current happenings in the constituency such as the visible lack of unity amongst the Constituency Executives, the fall out after Constituency elections, and the resultant formation of a group calling itself “Operation Movement for Positive Change” which is a pro NPP initiative.

2. The sad reality that our dear party is in opposition and needs such a resolute, purpose driven and results oriented movement to enable the NDC retain the parliamentary seat.

3. The likelihood of the incumbent MP not to contest the 2020 parliamentary election which has the propensity to affect the chances of the NDC in the 2020 parliamentary election.

4. The lack of resources including money to even mobilize new members to register in the ongoing limited registration exercise;

5. The promise and focus of the NPP and its Regional Chairman to snatch the Nadowli/Kaleo parliamentary seat from the NDC for the first time.

6. And many other happenings that are not meant for public consumption.

Comrades in the political struggle, the formation of this results oriented group as a large movement of all members, supporters and sympathizers of the NDC, is to ensure a resounding victory in both the Presidential and Parliamentary elections in 2020, in the Nadowli/Kaleo constituency, through the following actions and measures:-

1. Leaders of the group, including the undersigned have put measures in place to mobilise and attract members and none members to ensure victory for the NDC in the 2020 parliamentary and presidential election.

2. Leaders of the group have gone sourcing for funds and logistics from its members, sons and daughters and lovers of NDC and the Nadowli/Kaleo constituency to enable the movement fund its campaign activities towards the 2020 election.

3. Leaders of the group are putting in place measures to convince the members of the NDC who have been misled into joining the pro NPP group to move away from that “Movement for Negative Change” as it is a strategy targeted at weakening the ranks of the NDC so that the NPP can snatch the parliamentary seat.

4. Leaders of the group have remained focused on sustaining the development in the constituency.

5. Leaders are pleading with the incumbent MP not to listen to the irritants but to contest the impending NDC primaries and continue to lead the members to win the 2020 elections.

6. Leaders of the group are calling on the MP not to abandon the constituency but to continue with funding the activities of the Party and the development of the constituency.

Fellow Spirited Comrades in the NDC fraternity, ladies and gentlemen, in conclusion, we are calling on other members, supporters, sympathizers and lovers of the Nadowli/Kaleo constituency to join the group to ensure a total and resounding victory of the NDC in the Constituency and the Nation as a whole. We are further calling on all those who will want to see to the end of the current hardship and the lack of security and safety of property and lives in the country to join this well intended movement for the victory of the NDC. We are calling on all to stand up and be counted. Nadowli/Kaleo constituency must not fall into the hands of the destructive elephant. All should rally around to save Ghana and Nadowli/Kaleo from the disaster, in fact calamity, that we all find ourselves.

Friends from the media, we thank you profoundly for the support and good works and also for attending our invitation at this short notice. To the ever committed members of the great NDC in the Nadowli/Kaleo Constituency, we thank you for the unrelenting support. To the experienced Elders and the Regional Executives of the great NDC in the Upper West Region, we thank you for the good and proactive leadership you demonstrate in the running of the party in the region.

We know we have a Living God. And if God is for you who can succeed against you. To God then, Be the Glory.

Thank you!!!


Haruna Zinentah
Tel: 0246669650

Nashirudeen Shaibu (Mwinibankuro)
Tel: 0247525450/0208240242

Ali B. Evans
Tel: 0244403561

Chakalinaa Kenneth
Tel: 0248762961

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