The Interior Minister Ambrose Dery has stated that government will not allow security and public safety to deteriorate to uncontrollable levels.

Mr. Dery’s assurance comes after widespread concern over a surge in violent crimes and acts of lawlessness across the country.

The recent act of crime is the lynching of an army officer, Captain Maxwell Adam Mahama who was allegedly mistaken for an armed robber in Diaso in the Upper Denkyira West District in the Central region.

His lynching followed riots and the burning of a police vehicle in Somanya after residents there revolted over strange electricity bills.

But Mr. Dery assured Ghanaians of their safety, adding that the security agencies are doing their best to maintain law and order across the country.

“Are they offences, yes they are, are they challenges, yes but we are responding to them according to the rule of law and we will continue to respond,” Mr. Dery told Starr FM’s Naa Dedei Tettey in an interview Thursday.

He added “Should people feel unsafe in Ghana now? No they should not…for the period that we have been in power, I can show you that we have reacted as quickly as we can. You can only be proactive only if you have prior information otherwise you react.

“…We are concerned of the security situation as the experts are and moving forward we will want to do better.”

Credit: Starrfm

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