30 Disabled Persons were Issued Wheelchairs

The Member of Parliament for Lawra Constituency, Lawyer Bede Ziedeng has donated wheel chairs to disabled people in the Lawra Constituency.

According to the MP, Government has tried in various ways to cater for the disabled including ensuring that public buildings are constructed to be disabled friendly.

He added that in the past Government had distributed White canes to the blind to enable them move around.

“These wheelchairs which i’m about to present to our brothers and sisters in the disabled group are from the World Bank, the World Bank allocated these chairs to the Ghana Federation Group of the Disabled at the National Level and it also further made allocation to members of Parliament and those allocations stayed in Accra, we were told that MPs, we have wheel chairs for you”.

According to Lawyer Bede Ziedeng, the cost of Transportation of the wheel chairs were borne on him to pay and he was allocated 30 Chairs whilst the Disabled are 40 in Number.
He expressed worry due to the excess in number of disabled people who wouldn’t get from the 30 he was to distribute but assured that he would ensure they are also provided wheelchairs.

“In all, the chairs are 30, the list that I have here is a list of 40 disabled people, we shall go ahead and do the distribution to the first 30 and subsequently we will get additional chairs and the rest of the people will get their chairs, nobody will be left out..”
The MP Assured the Disabled group of a laptop after their coordinator had requested for one to keep their records.

The Chairs were distributed on the 27th of May 2022.

Listen to The MP’s Address

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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