Anthony Karbo(Left), Alhaji Mohammed Donkor(Right)

Former Constituency Chairman of Lawra, Alhaji Mohammed Nifaabeter Donkor Passed on 10th May 2023 and his Final Funeral Rite shall be held on 21st of May 2023 at Kunyukuo Meteo in the Lawra Municipality.

Alhaji Donkor Lost his position as chairman in 2022 after a Fierce Contest between himself and Kunifaa Kennedy.

Before the Election, Alhaji Donkor had issues to settle with Anthony Karbo, the former Member of Parliament for Lawra Constituency.

Mr. Karbo Seized an Official Vehicle being used by the Chairman during one of his campaign tours.

Statement of Alhaji Mohammed Donkor after he lost his position to Incumbent Chairman, Kuunifaa Kennedy.

Statement from Alhaji Mohammed Donkor

“I will first thank Almighty Allah,my family, friends and all well wishers for our last week constituency elections.Thou it didn’t go our way but it went Allah’s way and his ways are the best.Myself and my team are ready to contribute our qouta in any way it might be needed for the overall development of our great elephant party in lawra constituency by the new chairman led administration.Before i make leave of you,I once again thank all the delegates of our great party in lawra constituency,may the good Lord continue to bless and protect us all.Once again, congratulations to Chairman Kennedy (K.K)”.

Mr. Mohammed Donkor was elected in 2018 and won the Seat for the New Patriotic Party.



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