Lawyer Bede Ziedeng, MP for Lawra

The incumbent Member of Parliament for Lawra Constituency, Lawyer Bede Anwataazumo Ziedeng, believes he will win the parliamentary primaries hands down come May 13.

According to him, his achievements in the constituency have made delegates believe in him and will want him to be retained.

Speaking to the media after his vetting process, Lawyer Ziedeng said he is confident in the contest because he has won his previous contest in the 2015 and 2019 elections hence he is sure of winning the primaries and will subsequently represent the people of Lawra in parliament for the second term.

“I am very confident, absolutely confident, that am going to win this primaries [election] because the people who supported me in both contests will continue to support me in this particular contest.

“It is obvious that am going to win this election hands down so l have no problem about that,” he said.

He indicated that the delegates can attest to his competence and achievements in the constituency and that they have no doubts about what he can do.

The lawmaker for the Lawra constituency said he has a larger number of delegates supporting him and the remaining delegates will be shared among his two contenders.

Lawyer Ziedeng, thus, stated some of his achievements in the constituency which included rehabilitation and mechanization of 2 water systems at Eremon and Dowmine Health Centres, donations to support the needy people to acquire National Health Insurance Cards, acquisition of motorbikes to the Health Directorate to do monitoring in order to facilitate quality health delivery.

He drilled seven handheld boreholes in the following communities Yagtuuri Vapuo, Zambo Hayion, Zambo Tangpuori JHS, Eremon Danko, Domwine Tansil, Eremon Naburnye and Eremon-Landing and four mechanized boreholes in Eremon Senior High School, Zambo Nawoyelle, Tuori and Brifoh Baapare, repaired over 50 broken-down boreholes in the constituency and all are functioning.

Lawyer Ziedeng also donated 3 heavy-duty air-conditioners to the cold room of the Lawra Municipal Health Directorate for storing essential drugs and vaccines.

Source: Martin Kyasuo Sunti

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