Mr. Seidu Tungbani, Headmaster of Lawra SHS

Lawra Senior High School situated in the Lawra Municipality formerly Lawra District has returned to the Single track system.

In a Letter Dated 4th November 2019 which was Forward to the Municipal Education Directorate, the school explained that the necessary requirements needed to facilitate the smooth running of the school in a single track has been met and per that there wasn’t the need to continue with the double track system for the 2019/2020 Academic year.

This development came months after Piina Senior High School in the Lambussie District and Nandom Senior High School in Nandom District respectively reverted to the single track system.

Lawra SHS is headed by Mr. Seidu Tengbani.


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  1. I’m happily married to a new from my former school today going but to be honest with the single policy education system for the next 2019_2020 academic year. thanks again for all your help and God bless you all and directive.Amen.

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