Late Lawyer Badombie (Left), Donatus Dakurah (Right)

A former Journalist with Gangaa FM and Co Founder of Core News Ghana, Sir Dicey Dakurah has urged stakeholders to be United and willing to Demand for Justice on behalf of the Late Lawyer Badombie.

The Late Lawyer Richard Badombie Died on the 28th of May 2022 after he was shot by unknown Gunmen between Banda Nkwanta and Nuoyiri on his way from Accra to Jirapa.

Statement from Journalist Dakurah

“This is our Nation’s Coat of Arms. To be simple, like a school’s badge, the Ghana Coat of Arms is the badge of Ghana that identifies it. It also tells the motto, what it stands for.

As we can see, the motto of Ghana FREEDOM AND JUSTICE is conspicuously written under the shield.

Now, here are the points I want to make.
Honourable Lawyer Richard Badombie who was a true and law-abiding citizen of Ghana got robbed of his FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHT [ RIGHT TO LIFE] in the course of exercising his FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT from Accra to Jirapa.

From the motto on our Nation’s Coat of Arms, what is left after he was denied his FREEDOM ? Not JUSTICE?

Is JUSTICE automatic in this country?
As concerned as we are as people of Jirapa and the Upper West Region and even beyond, how effective are we pushing for justice to be served? Are we playing to the gallery or we are really pushing hard to get justice for our slain son?

Of course, I remember that this is the second case in one year that we have lost 2 prominent sons through gun violence. Like one Reaggae musician quizzed in his song, for how long shall we watch on as they kill our prophets?

I guess we do not know who’s next. Do we? I think it is very important for us to take the fight for justice more seriously before all our promising sons or daughters are selected and killed. (One may say my thinking is weird)

Yes! As of now, we are yet to know why the precious life of a prominent son like Lawyer Richard Badombie was taken. Not so? Until we get to know that what caused the circumstances leading to his gruesome murder, any of us here is a prospective candidate to be killed! We deserve to know why Richard Badombie was killed!

It is not fair that we cry for peace without crying for equal rights and justice. I guess we all know that there can’t be peace without equal rights and justice. Not so?

I wish to request all well meaning citizens of Jirapa and the Upper West Region to form forces to seek justice for lawyer Richard Badombie.

The 5 suspects who have been arrested over the gruesome murder of Lawyer Richard Badombie will be arraigned before the Bole District Magistrate Court On Thursday June 16, 2022.

According to the family, in the first appearance of 3 of the suspected murderers, No Family Member or friend of late Richard Badombie was present in court because they were not put in the known about it.

It may then appear to some people including myself that it is important for leadership in the Upper West Region especially Jirapa to get a strong representation in court on Thursday to have first hand observation of how the matter is being handled. If for nothing at all, it will give the Police or state a strong signal that we are sincerely grieved deeply and do not lack interest in the matter. It may also communicate to the Police and state that we strongly demand that the matter is pursued to the logical conclusion to get justice served.
Isn’t it?🤔🤔🤔


1. Jirapa Municipal Assembly/ Municipal Security Council
2. Jirapa Municipal Youth Association
3. Jirapa Traditional Authority
4. Media in the Upper West Region
5. BNI
6. National Democratic Congress (Jirapa constituency)
7. New Patriotic Party (Jirapa constituency)

I am distraught so kindly forgive me for any typo errors and ungrammatical constructions Please Thank you.”


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