The NPP Branch in Jirapa is calling for Thorough Investigations

The Governing New Patriotic Party(NPP) Has released a press statement seeking to find answers from the Savannah Regional Security Council and also to demand for thorough investigations into the death of A Senior Lawyer from Upper West Who was attacked and assassinated between Banda Nkwanta and Nuoyiri in the Savannah Region.



With a deep sorrow and with much concern, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) received the sad news of the death of the late Hon. Lawyer Richard Badombie, the Assembly Member of Kuncheni Electoral Area, a prominent son of the Jirapa Municipal and a member of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) who had expressed interest in contesting the upcoming NDC Constituency elections as Constituency Secretary of Jirapa.

Hon Lawyer Richard Badombie until his demise was very proactive and firm with matters of Jirapa’s development. He stood his ground and was not afraid to openly speak the truth and thus was admired by all.

We in the NPP are troubled by the disturbing fact of the death of this outstanding legend of Jirapa, more so as it occurred at a time he had expressed interest to participate in a democratic process that would have probably have seen him emerge as Constituency Secretary of the opposition NDC in Jirapa.

The NPP is worried and calls on the Ghana Police Service to mount an immediate investigation into the killing of Hon. Lawyer Richard Badombie and ensure that no stone is left unturned in order to apprehend the perpetrators of this barbaric act and bring justice to the people of Jirapa.

We have already called on our Regional Minister, Hon. Dr. Hafiz Bin Salih to liaise with the Savannah Regional Minister in whose territory the killing occurred to ensure the institutions of state responsible, carry out an objective and thorough investigation into this tragic death.

We would also like to note our bewilderment at the fact that the NDC in the Jirapa Constituency where the late Richard Badombie served creditably well, is yet to issue an official statement on the death of its distinguished member.

We would like to also recall at this point that the insistence of the late Lawyer Richard Badombie for transparency and accountability held the Jirapa Municipal Assembly hostage from April 2018 to October 2019 as the Assembly could not engage in proper deliberations as it failed to produce a Presiding Member and his stance on not having Hon. Christine Bonbanye confirmed as Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) were notable and yet he was never even heckled.

We trust that the Ghana Police Service will take all possible steps including opening up investigations as may be required and to co-opt independent experts to assist in the investigatuons so as to dispel worrying doubts surrounding the causes and circumstances leading to the mysterious and violent death of this well-known young man of Jirapa, Lawyer Richard Badombie.

We in the NPP share the pain of Lawyer Badombie’s death with his family, the people of Kuncheni, the NDC in Jirapa and indeed all his loved ones.

We would like to call on all the of people of Jirapa especially the youth to remain calm in these trying moments while law enforcement agencies seek justice for this our fallen brother.

Thank you.
Zaato Ali Doma
( Constituency Secretary)
New Patriotic Party (NPP)
Jirapa Constituency Gangaa fm reporter

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  1. So we don’t have secure security in Ghana
    Anyone can be killed at anytime and nothing is done

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