Imagine a community without an electricity supply in this modern era. Consider one living the entire life in darkness. How would the individual cope? Well, the answers point out to exactly how residents within the Tuggoh electoral area in the Jirapa Municipality in the Upper West region of Ghana had been living their lives.

Power Supply

Checks made by Douglas the freelancer indicates that ten (10) communities within the above mentioned area have been living their entire lives in total darkness which affects their living condition greatly. These affected communities are; Kane, Dangmene, Dalee, Yagrah, Boyelle and Tuo. The others includes; Kanduori, Kakala Baanuori, Dongmeneyiri, Tabeh and Kakala.

Like most community dwellers within the now six (6) regions in the Northern part of the country, farming is the major occupation of the residents living in these communities and their contribution to the country’s economy cannot be over emphasized. Ironically, in the part of our world, much attention had not been given to these ‘nation builders’. The focus had always been on the big towns and cities. Let us reflect on this situation very well.

According to the assemblyman of the area, Hon. Pognilubo Peter Dapilah, in 2011, the then NDC government led by the late Prof. Evans Atta Mills through the rural electrification project, tried extending electricity supply to some communities within the Jirapa municipality but unfortunately on their part, the extension never reached them.
“Ever since the last extension was done in 2011 under Prof. Mills, several calls had been made on subsequent governments and NGOs to help curb the situation but all had proven futile. He said.
He also added that, “we have on several occasions, written to the Municipal Chief Executive about our problem but have received no positive response yet”.
He lamented that the situation is making it very difficult for even school children to learn in the evening as they rely on lanterns and torch lights, hence making poor grades during examinations. “When exams results are released you would see most of them trailing. How would school children learn in the evening without lights?” He queried.
He therefore made a passionate appeal. “We would be most grateful to government and any NGO or group that would come to our aid.

“We hope our Municipal Chief Executive and Member of Parliament would also help push our plights forward for it to be addressed as soon as possible”. He added.

By: Douglas Ofori

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