Mr. Tuorimuo Elvis Philip is A Computer Engineer and a Human Resource Manager

Secretary for Concerned About Ghana Association CAGA, Mr. Tuorimuo Elvis Philip has advocated against telling the youth to marry early.

According to him, this has crippled so many young people who never wanted to disappoint elders and parents insisting and pressurising them.

He explained that all people on earth have different motives of existence, some are busy focusing on how to be great entrepreneurs, others great men of God, some great parents so let’s not insist as if everyone is born to be a parent or the couple, he said.

Marriage itself is a duty call and not everyone is ready for that so let’s not make it look as if it is food everyone should eat, some people have personal health issues they won’t want to disclose and by this remain unmarried, should they go about telling people why they are not married or not interested? He quizzed. Some men have libido challenges, others have HIV, some have erectile challenges and others have demonic possessions so when such people are pressurized to get married what will be the outcome of the marriage. Some humans have financial challenges yet parents use religion to persuade them to marry yet forget the responsibilities the same religion States attached to marriage, you don’t marry without the will, you don’t marry to impress, you don’t marry to please religion, those telling you to marry won’t carry out your responsibilities for you so know when you are ready to carry responsibilities don’t let people tell you when you should do that.

Let’s imagine what stage we would have found ourselves if we insisted on entrepreneurship, trade, education and innovation like we do and invest in marriages which fail in the end.

The world is growing swiftly and what is needed today is not marriage because our population is rapidly becoming a burden and irrelevant, gone are the days we needed a helping hand at the farms.

Marriage is part of life for sure but the time to marry shouldn’t be decided by others, marriage is not the life line and marrying early doesn’t depict success.

Its better to die and leave behind children with some amount of wealth than to grow old with your children leaving behind nothing all in the name of early marriage and birth.

I’ll prefer to die and leave Behind some resources for my family to inherit and use to support themselves than to rush into marriage, see my children all grown up with nothing to support them and help them develop.

We all want to see our children grown up and huge, that isn’t an achievement, try to leave something behind they can call theirs, that was how come these developed countries got where they are. Their focus was not on childbirth, it was more on establishment of the future with vast resources to depend on not vast families with nothing to depend on.


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