The Member of Parliament (MP) for Sissala West Constituency, Mr Patrick Alhassan Adamah, has appealed to traditional authorities to effectively utilise opportunities that abound in festival celebration to woo investors for faster economic growth.

Sissala West MP

Speaking during the 10th anniversary of Gandawii Naabahilme Festival over the weekend, the Legislator said festivals held the enormous potential of attracting vast investment into the area to drive job creation and enhance the total well-being of the people.
“I am particularly happy because of the fact that the celebration of this important festival by the chiefs and people of the traditional area,” he said: “has been sustained for the last ten years”.
“This is an important development, borne out of perseverance and the desire of the people to chart a new cause for themselves, it is an indication of the need to forge ahead in unity and peace as one people with a common destiny”.
Mr Adamah urged the Chiefs to continue to keep the peace of the area, saying: “No community will develop if there is no peace because no investor will develop in a community that is at war with itself”.
He noted that chieftaincy and other forms of disputes did not promote progress and development and that it was always better to “jaw-jaw than to war-war”.

He appealed to the people to refrain from any act that would endanger the peace and security of the traditional, saying: “Let’s follow laid down procedures and structures in resolving our differences”.
The District Chief Executive, Mr Mohammed Bakor, outlined a number of government intervention projects being undertaken by the Sissala West Assembly to promote social and economic development.
They included; a 4-units classroom and teachers’ quarters in Kandia with a similar one in Buoti, repair of 11 boreholes and construction of three new ones awaiting mechanisation.
He said 50 boreholes would be drilled in nearly all communities in the District and out of 10 dams earmarked for construction, three had been completed at Gwollu, Puzene and Kandia while two were under construction in Desime and Bupkal.
According to him, work would commence soon on the rest of the five.


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