Dash Cryptocurrency, Coinpedia, Bitnation and The Libertarian Community with CLE Ghana are set to Eliminate Poverty in Northern Ghana.
Northern Ghana is the poorest part of the country. Although there’s rich land in abundance, people cannot leverage their land to, for instance, borrow money for education, start businesses, or secure it for their children or spouses if something happens, because they have no land titles to prove the ownership of the lands. The sector covers about 30% of Ghana’s land mass; unfortunately, it suffers a lack of financial mobility and often violent conflicts over land ownership. Land titles can be done on the Bitcoin blockchain at very minimal costs and without the involvement of centralized institutions. It’s an unprecedented opportunity to free millions of people from poverty in the Savannah Belt of Ghana.
The Centre for Liberty & Entrepreneurship, a nonprofit research and educational Think Tank devoted to the principles of free markets, individual liberty, secure private property rights, the rule of law, limited government and entrepreneurship with the support of Dash & coinpedia is set to host an activist forum this summer dubbed Liberty & Entrepreneurship Camp 2017 on the Theme: Entrepreneurship, Growth & Competitiveness; The Blockchain To The Rescue’ at Bolgatanga, the capital city of Upper East Region – Ghana on the 2nd to 6th August to train participants on how to use the Blockchain Technology to issue land titles in Northern Ghana. The Think tank shall hold stakeholders meetings in each of the three Northern regions after the forum involving chiefs, regional ministers, the survey department and some key legislators from each region to discuss an in-depth understanding of the project, its efficiency and ability to avoid currencies of land disputes and demystify poverty by providing economic leverage over lands for land owners in the regions.
CLE Ghana is, therefore, calling on civil societies, opinion leaders, the media, journalists, government and the general Ghanaian public for their support throughout the implementation and execution of this project.
By Mahamadu Abdul Salam
Founding President, CLE Ghana

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