Many men love the chase, but they cannot and do not do this for everyone. Men try to seek out who they think are the best. They do it instinctively from primordial times and they do it today.He’s the hunter and a woman worth pursuing is his prize. But there are certain steps you can take to make yourself a woman worth pursuing.

Be confident: Work the room as soon as you walk in, and be sure to smile with teeth. Laugh to show your sense of humour. Men love women who laugh at their jokes and who get their sense of humour.Show them that you know how to have fun, and that you don’t take yourself or life too seriously.

• Maintain amicable relationships with a man’s friends and family: Drama-free is the way to be when it comes to keeping a man’s interest. They do not want to bring a woman into their circle of friends just to have her try to break it apart.Have those around him fall in love with you so that they can encourage him to pursue you. Women need all the allies they can get, and men feel more secure if those around them back them up.

• Challenge him intellectually: If you disagree with something that he says or does, let him know. Men like to know that there is something behind that pretty face, and they do not like women who act like doormats.

•Support him: Support his dreams and passions, and encourage him. Sometimes a woman worth pursuing will actually sacrifice time with her man so that he can explore his passions alone or with his friends.A woman worth pursuing is always striving to better herself, and she cannot expect less of her man.

• Accept him for who he is: Women worth pursuing don’t spend hours scheming about how to change their man. They know who he is, flaws and all, and accept him.Women worth pursuing not only accept a man for exactly as he is, but they enjoy him and learn from him.

• Try to be low maintenance: A woman worth pursuing does not need designer sunglasses, bags or shoes to feel fulfilled, she can do it all by herself.Show him that even if another recession came along, you could do without some of the finer things in life and stick by his side. Women worth pursuing are in it for the long-haul, in the good and in the bad.

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