13600035_1054927064599302_5946886770087009747_nAs part of The President’s Account to the people’s tour which is to take place for about three days in the upper west region, The president first traveled  to the Wa Naa’s Palace where he delivered a speech and also took a word of counseling from Wa Naa, Naa Fuseini after which he moved to UDS Wa campus in Bamahu and later to the regional library where he commissioned it. He also traveled to wallembelle in the sissala east district where he commissioned their CHPS Compounds.

Lordina Foundation Founded And owned by the first lady miss Lordina Mahama was also part of the tour as they visited Nadowli in the Nadowli Kaleo District. The Lordina Foundation which is a Non-Profit Organization donated several material to the health facility which lacks a lot of of resources to work effectively.

The materials Include Mattresses, A.C.T Drugs for Malaria, Printers, Bandages Etc.

The Human Resources were grateful for the offer and received them warmly.

Source: Dabaga James/Upper West Media/Ghana.

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