From information we[] gathered, Registered voters of Karni in the Lambussie District which used to be Lambussie-Karni District have refused to vote in this year’s [2016] General Elections.

The voters complained of being disregarded in the constituency, they said the removal of their Area[Karni] from the District Name was a sign of Disregard and Lack of concern for them as members of the district.

Three poling centers in the area have not recorded a single vote including Gyampuo Electoral area in Karni.

The Lambussie Parliamentary Elections is a though race which has two main contestants namely Eugene Kaale-Ewola Dery of The Ruling National Democratic Congress(N.DC) And Bright Yelviele-Dong Baligi  who is also the parliamentary candidate of the New patriotic party(N.P.P).

by: Tuorimuo Elvis Philip/

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