Mad Men Association of Ghana in a press
statement say they do not know Charles Antwi
as one of their members. Read full statement
below… We the members of the association wish to
unequivocally distance ourselves from one
Charles Antwi claiming to be a member of
MAMAG. We wish to state clearly that he is not one of
us. We advise the general public to desist from
imposing members on us. We know ourselves. How can a man who can join a bus to
Nkoransa to procure a gun, buy bullets, load
the gun. Locate the church of his target, gone
there on three occasions for survillance,
cocked the gun and meticulously hid it in his
pocket. Located the sitting place of the Prez and sat
behind him waiting to pull the trigger. A mad
man conscious of who his target is? Please
the man has brains and can’t be a member. Signed. Secretary. MAMAG.(wei nnyinaa ani hw3 hene).

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